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Erin, Frances and Annie McNally, Redding, CA
Our visas arrived right on time today. Thank you so much for processing our applications so quickly. We especially appreciate the fact that you kept us informed as to what was happening from the time I first e-mailed, to the time you mailed our packet.

Thank You,

Edward Welsch, Jacksonville, FL
My passport arrived on Mon. Feb.17 at 10:40 A.M. This was exactly as you promised. I must say that in this world of lack of concern for the customer and broken promises, your organization has proven to be a rare exception. You are evidently extremly well organized and put the customer first. I am delighted with your service and would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone.
Please feel free to use this communication as you see fit.

Clayton Allen, Pensacola, FL
Thank you for the prompt, efficient service. The package arrived this morning at 9:00 am via FedEx. One of my colleagues traveled from San Diego, CA to Los Angeles two weeks ago to handle his visa directly with the Chinese consulate. He waited two and a half hours for service on his initial visit to drop of his application. He had to return the next day to retrieve his passport with visa. Travel time back and forth on both days was more than eight hours. I recommended your service to him in the future to better utilize his time. Under other circumstances, I would also have gone directly to the consulate but in the future, I'll leave my application in your capable hands.

Raymond B. Strawley, Dennisville, NJ
Thank you for your service and more especialy your personal attention to me as a client. I will be sure to use and recommend visarite for all my Asia travel. Thank you again.

Judy Maynard, South Fulton, TN
Thank you for your prompt service and the peace of mind that your service has given me. Your service was exactly as advertised. Thank you for offering such a wonderful service.

Judy Bryskiewicz, Administrative Assistant, Power Tool Specialists, East Windsor, CT
I will recommend your website / service to everyone! The information and instructions are precise and to the point. I was very apprehensive about sending my passport to "someone I didn't know" and I was very nervous and unsure of the process for applying for a China visa. I first reviewed several other websites and found their instructions to be too complicated and their cost almost double. I decided to take a chance with VisaRite and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I followed your instructions on your website, sent my passport with required documents via FedEx, received an email upon your receipt and was able to track the process too! I received my passport with China visa EXACTLY the day I was promised I would. Thank you Visa Rite, and Angela for making this an enjoyable experience. We will use your service from now on for all our international travel requirements!

Paul Watkins, Texarkana, TX
I received my passport and visa today. I am very pleased with your service. This is the second time that I have used your service to procure a visa. I am glad that there still is at least one business that does what they say they will do.

Gretchen Key, Sewell, NJ
I want to express my sincere appreciation for your help in my visa processing. In trying to get my Class Z visa I ran into contradicting information from other "sources" (ie consulate), but you gave me accurate information that saved me a lot of time and "headache"!!! Thanks for the help!!! And for the fast replies to all my e-mails!!!

Michelle Gordon, Austin, TX
VisaRite went above and beyond their duties, got the visa to me super fast, and I'm so pleased that this part of my travel was an easy one. Special thanks to Angela, who kept in personal contact with me and informed me of my options. Thanks so much.

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