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Service Level
Time needed
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Review and Prepare
Consular Processing
Embassy Fee
Service Fee
Price Regular Pre-check Only Service
5-10 days
From $149*
Price Express Pre-check Only Service
2-5 days
From $259*
Price Regular Service (Pre-check+Submission)
5-10 days
2 - 3 Weeks*
From $249*
Price Express Service (Pre-check+Submission)
2-5 days
up to 7 days
From $349*
Price Rush Service (Pre-check+Submission)
1-3 days
3-5 days
From $449*
  • Service fees and schedules vary based on different consulates. Additional fee may apply for Q, S visa, some difficult jurisdictions and applications of Chinese descendants
  • Rush Service only available for New Yor jurisdiction with limited availability
  • Return Shipping Fee from $36 via FedEx will apply. If your return address is in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, shipping extra will apply.
  • Processing schedule posted is for reference purpose
  • Consular Processing Time is based on submission date and is subject to change without notice. (*)


Validity: Means how long the visa is valid after issuance. You are permitted to enter China before it expires.
Stay: Means how long your stay (or each stay) is permitted after you enter China.



U.S. Passport Processing Fees

Choose a Service Level Time needed Service and Shipping Fee
Review Processing Shipping Service Shipping Total
Price Super Rush Service 1 day 2-3 days 1 day $449 $46 $495
Price Rush Service 1 day 4-5 days 1 day $349 $46 $395
Price Express Plus Service 1 day 6-8 days 1 day $299 $46 $345
Price Express Service 1-2 days 11-15 days 2 days $199 $36 $235

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