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Additional Proof of Identity

  If you do not have a drivers license, with a photo, issued more than 12 months ago then you must prove your identity by following the steps below. Even if your license was renewed in the same state within the last 12 months you should still follow the instructions below. Your passport could be delayed, if you do not follow the steps below:  
  Submit at least 1 primary and 5 secondary items from the list below.  

If no Primary ID items are available, submit at least 7 of the secondary ID's. If only submitting Secondary ID items, each should be over 1 year old. Note: the school yearbook photograph with name should be sent if possible. The Passport Agency especially likes this as backup ID.

Primary ID
    Driver's License (valid, expired or suspended)
    Federal, State or Municipal identification card with photo
    State ID card
    Military ID with photo
    Pilot's License with photo
    Passport with photo - expired ok (foreign or US)
    Employment identification card with photo
    Current Student identification card with photo
    INS Alien Registration Card (green card)
Secondary ID
    Copy of School Yearbook page with photograph with name
    Student identification card with photo (expired ok)
    School transcripts
    High School Diploma
    Trade School Diploma
    College School Diplomas
    Technical school certificate
    Military records (DD214)/Honorable discharge certificate
    Selective Service registration/Classification
    Union membership cards
    Professional license (nurse, pilot, beautician, mechanic, etc.)
    Medicare or health insurance cards
    Medical Records
    Welfare card
    Marriage certificates and licenses
    Divorce Decrees
    Insurance cards
    Insurance Records
    Baptismal certificate
    Voter's registration card
    Income tax records and/or W-2 forms over 1 year
    Pay stubs
    Banking statements and/or records over 1 year
    Newspaper articles or publicity features about you
    Social Security card
    Credit cards (for security, cross out account number)
    Utility bills over 1 year
    Leasing/Mortgage documents
    Vehicle registration or Title
    Birth certificates of children listing your name as parent
  As further ID proof you should also bring an adult US citizen to the post office or court house who will identify you . The Identifying witness must have a valid Driver's License and sign an affidavit (or DSP-71 form) confirming your identity. This witness must have known you for a significant period of time (more than 3 years). Blood relatives are preferable.  
    You must send additional Proof of Identity as required above with your other application materials even if an Acceptance Agent says they are not required. If the Passport Acceptance Facility will not put these information in the sealed envelope then please include them anyway in the overnight envelope you send to VisaRite Service.
  Make sure photocopies of the these items are very clear.
  Please advise VisaRite Service of the identity issue when placing order.
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