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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filling Out China Online Visa Application Form

  A mistake on China visa application form can cost you time and may result in rejection of your application. Please take the time to carefully fill out the application and make sure the answers are accurate and complete. Below are some common mistakes people made while preparing China visa application form.  
Given Name  
  Given name is your first name + middle name, not just your first name. Please check your passport to see what is under your given name. The name must match your passport exactly.  
Work Information  
  The work experience should be in reverse order.  
  Background color of your photo must be extra white, or it may not upload properly.  
Home address uses PO Box address  
  Physical address is required here, please provide street address.
Major purpose not matching supporting paperwork  
  Your supporting paperwork must match the purpose. If you check tourism as purpose and provide paperwork for cultural exchange, visa won't be granted. If you are sent by US employer to conduct business on behalf of the US company, do not check work as purpose. Work visa is for someone employed by a Chinese company. You may travel for multiple purposes, however you only need to indicate one major purpose.  
Information About Your Intended Trip section shows past date or unreasonable date  
  Do not use a past date or unreasonable date. Your arrival date shows yesterday or tomorrow date, your application may be put on hold.  
Information About Your Intended Trip section only list hotel name or incomplete address  
  Please complete with city and address, not just hotel name. The information provided here must match your hotel confirmation or invitation.  
Duration of stay requested is longer than usual  
  Duration of Stay allowed is normally 30-60 days for L, M, F visa; 30-90 days for S2 or 60-180 days for Q2. Duration of stay for Z, X, Q1, S1 may be longer, make sure you have correct supporting paperwork. Please note duration of stay granted is decided by Chinese Consulate, you don't always get what you desire.  
Inappropriate number of entry selected  
  There are options such as 1 entry, 2 entries, multiple entry within 6 months or 12 months etc.?Some visa type such as Z, X1, S1, Q1 are only issued with single entry, F visa (if you check non-business visit) is usually be given as single or double entry, while L, M, S2, Q2 are likely to be granted for multiple entry. Please note decision to grant multiple entries lies with the Consulate.  
Signature in the wrong place  
  Please sign page 8 in section 9.1 not 9.2. If your application is completed by someone else, both 9.1 and 9.2 need to be signed.  
Top or bottom of the form partially cutoff when printed  
  Chinese Consulate won't accept it, if your form top or bottom was partially cut off. You may need to adjust your printer's [Page Scaling] setting to: "Shrink to Printable Area".  
china flag For applicants born in China (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan)  
  申请表 1.6H 项为必填项。如申请人系首次申请中国签证,该项内容会在填表过程中自动生成;但如申请人此前申请过中国签证,则在线填表时该项不会显示,须打印出表格后,手写补充中文姓名等信息。该项不可为空白。如果你不记得"之前中国护照号码"或"中国居民身份证号码", 需要提供补充说明书。  
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