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How to Apostille Diploma for use in China

Diploma Authentication for use in China

US diploma must be notarized and apostilled in the US in order to be used in China. You may use the same process to prepare TEFL, TESOL certificate and transcript for authentication. Here is the outline of three major steps for diploma apostille for use in China

1) Notarize as true copy or original

2) Secretary of State Apostille

Pease read the detail instruction carefully and complete all the steps below before you mail your application over to us.

STEP 1 - Notarized by a Notary Public
  • The diploma should be notarized first. It is required to notarize the original or photocopy of the diploma with two statements: one declaration statement and one acknowledge statement.
  • The two statements can be typed or printed on either front or back side of the diploma or on a separate paper attached to the diploma.
  • The declaration statement can be something like this "I declare this (the attached) is (my true original diploma) or (a true and unaltered photocopy of my diploma)". The statement should be signed in presence of the notary. The notary should add an acknowledge statement such as "Signed and sworn (or affirm) to before me this___day of____, 20___." and complete with notary seal and signature. Click here for a sample notarized diploma by holder or sample notarized diploma by registrar.
  • Some state will apostille diploma notarized by the school registrar only.
STEP 2 - Apostilled by the Secretary of State
  • The notarized diploma should be further apostilled by the Secretary of State by adding a cover statement with a designated big seal and signature..
  • Once apostilled, the staple(s) or rivet must not be removed, or it will invalidate the document.

How to fill out G1 form If you need assistance with the Secretary of State Apostille, please refer to the link below: