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FAQs Regarding New Requirement for Chinese Business Visa Application (F/M Visa)



Business Visa applicants must provide one of the invitation letters:

A) An Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit or a Confirmation Letter of Invitation issued by Government agency OR
B) An Invitation Letter issued by a company, corporation and institution in mainland China

1) Where can I get the PU letter for business type visa?

The PU letter is a pre-approval document issued by a Chinese Government agency. You will need an inviting company in China to obtain that for you. Please notify your contact in China that you need this form. You may advise the Chinese inviting company to contact with one of the government agencies listed below for details. You will need to submit your passport info or a passport photocopy to the Chinese company.

Municipal Foreign Affair Office
Municipal Bureau of Commerce
Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Commission
International Trade Promotion Commission
Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau
A sample PU letter is posted on our website for your reference:
2) Do I need both Company Invitation Letter and PU letter for business type visa
No, you just need one of them. A qualified invitation letter from a Chinese company or institution is acceptable as well.
3) What is a qualified Invitation Letter from a Chinese company or institution?

The invitation letter issued by the Chinese company, corporation and institution must include all the 8 elements below:

1. Applicant's personal information:
A. Name
B. Gender
C. Date of birth
D: Nationality
E. Passport number
F. Full name of the company which the applicant works for and the job title

2. Purpose of the visit (what kind of business)

3. What city and province will the applicant visit?

4. Date of arrival and leaving

5. What kind of relationship between the Chinese company and the US company? Or What relationship between the applicant and the inviter

6. Who will bear the cost of the applicant's accommodations in China?

7. China inviter's information
A. Full name of the company / unit
B. Name of the person
C. Job title in the company / unit
D. Detail company address, fax and phone number
E. Direct phone and/or cell phone number of the inviter (Must be working number)
F. Email address of the inviter

8. Actual signature of the inviter official seal of the company

4) Is it OK that the business invitation letter printed on blank paper?
Not OK. Invitation letter from Chinese company, institution must be printed on their official letterhead, showing company address, phone and fax number. The letter must also bear the official seal of the company or institution.
5) Can the signature of inviter be stamped?
Better not. Some Chinese Consulate doesn't accept stamped signature.
6) Does the Invitation Letter need to original?
Good quality scanned or fax copy of the invitation letter is acceptable in most cases. However, original invitation and/or personal interview may be requested at Consulate's discretion.
7) Is invitation letter from Hong Kong or Taiwan acceptable?
Invitation letter from Hong Kong or Taiwan won't be acceptable. Invitation letter must be from company or institution in mainland China, printed on letterhead showing detail address in mainland China.
8) Is it true that invitation letter must bear official company seal?
Yes, or the letter won't be acceptable. The company seal or chop contains the registered name of the company and the seal must be approved by the Public Security Bureau. As per incorporation procedure, a company must produce this chop/seal once it has been registered with the Administration of Industry and Commerce. This chop/seal is required when any important document is signed. Normally this chop is round and in red ink.
9) Can I get a sample invitation letter?
Please click the link for a Sample invitation letter for Chinese Business Visa.
Please click the link for a Sample invitation letter for Chinese F Visa.
Some people loves to write. Please bear in mind, Consulate needs to process thousands application each day, they don't really have time to read long essays. Therefore, please make sure the letter is short and to the point. It will be in your best interest that the letter contains the right information in the right place.
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