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Americans or Canadians traveling to Vietnam require a visa, which should be obtained in advance. VisaRite is a non-government passport and visa service company authorized by the U.S. Department of State and registered with Vietnam Consulate. However, we are not affiliated with the Vietnam Consulate. We charge a service fee for our professional service. As Vietnam visa service experts, we will help you to understand visa application rules and prepare proper paperwork. Therefore you don't have to go through long lines and anxious waiting. VisaRite will submit your application to the Vietnam Embassy and Consulate for you and get your passport with visa back in a much quicker and easier way than if you do it yourself, so you can focus your time and energy on more important business.
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VisaRite will walk you through every step of the way. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of visa rules will prevent you from potential application problem. We provide clearer instructions, live support, savable application, fast turn-around and real time status updates.

  • Application fee + Service fee
  • Live support by phone
  • We will review your paperwork
  • We go to the Consulate for you
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You may also obtain Vietnam visa directly in person at Vietnam Consulate. Consulate as usual will only refer you to their web site, not provide you with any support or updates and will reject your application for a simple mistake causing additional expense and significant delays.

  • Application fee
  • No Live support
  • You will be on your own
  • Long lines and long waiting time
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