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FAQs about Diploma Authentication for use in China

Q1: My diploma was issued in MA, right now I'm in FL, what can I do?

If your diploma was issued in MA, Chinese Consulate will request you to have notary and state authentication done in the same state where the diploma was issued, which in your case is MA. You may contact with school registrar to have the notary step done for you, then you can mail the document to MA State Authentication office to complete the state authentication step.

Q2: I'm not in USA, can my parents/friend do diploma authentication for me?

The notary part can only be done either by yourself (diploma holder) or by school registrar. If you are not able to do it by yourself, you may ask your parents/friend to contact with school registrar to do the notary part for you, then your parents/friend will help you to complete the State Authentication part. This doesn't apply to diploma in Los Angeles Consulate's jurisdiction. Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles requires diploma to be notarized by the owner not the school registrar.

Q3: For the notary part, can the two statements be typed or written on the back of my diploma (or copy of diploma)? 

Yes, the two statements can be either on the front part of your diploma, or on the back side of your diploma. 

Q4: For the notary part, can the two statements be typed or written on a separate paper attached to the diploma (or copy of diploma)? 

Yes, If the statements are on a separate paper attached to the diploma (or copy of diploma),  please make sure the notary stamp the diploma with the same notary seal as well.

Q5: My diploma only has one statement as true copy from notary, is that OK?

Chinese Consulate routinely rejects diploma, if it only bears one statement. The notarized diploma need to have both statements together. The declaration statement should be from either the diploma holder (yourself) or school registrar. The acknowledge statement should be from a notary.

Q6: The notary only has a stamp and signature, no acknowledge statement, is that OK? 

No, the notary should add an acknowledge statement such as "Signed and sworn (or affirm) to before me this__________day of_______________, 20___." and complete with notary seal and signature. 

Q7: When I make copy of the document, can I remove the staple? 

No, the staple can not be removed once notarized and authenticated or it will invalidate the document. Chinese Consulate will refuse the document, if they found there are empty staple holes.


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