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Authentication Application Form of the China Embassy/Consulate (G1)

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1) This form is for document authentication for use in China
2) Please make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

Applicant should fill out this form truthfully and completely on a computer, submit it online then download it into PDF file before you print the hard copy.
Section 1: Applicant Information (All applicants must complete this section)
1.1 Applicant name in passport or ID
1.2 Name in Chinese character (Only for those born in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong)
1.3 ID Type
1.4 ID Number
1.5 Email address
1.6 Detailed U.S. address


Section 1A: For Civil Document Only
1A.1 Applicant name
1A.2 Gender < Male ; < Female
1A.3 Date of birth - -
1A.4 Current nationality (Change it, if you are not)
1A.5 Place of birth (city, province/state, country) (i.e. New York, NY, USA)
1A.6 Occupation


Section 2. For Commercial Document Only
2.1 For commercial purpose
2.2 Detailed U.S. business information
Name of Company / Organization
Business Address:
Business Tel:
2.3 Applicant's relationship to company/organization


Section 3: Other information
3.1 Content of Legalization
3.2 Purpose of Legalization
3.3 Number of Documents for Legalization


Section 4: Declaration
4.1 I hereby declare that all the information above is true and correct, for which I shall bear all the legal responsibilities.
4.2 Date of Application: